The Many Reasons Why You Must Include Chicago In Your Cities To Visit

reasons to visit Chicago

Traveling for vacation would often lead us to go to beaches or nature parks. However, there is still an allure that the many cities in the US possess. Whether you are traveling with your family or friends, among the cities that you shouldn’t forget to include in your list is Chicago.

Whether you’re just spending a weekend or a month, you wouldn’t run out of places to see and things to do in this vibrant Windy City. Do you like museums, theatres, galleries or food? Chicago has got it all covered.

There are also parks, lakefronts, and the beach to excite water-activity lovers. Let’s get to know more about what Chicago has to offer. Here are just a few reasons why you should visit:

Foodie’s Haven

Who doesn’t love food? In Chicago, you will never go hungry. No matter what your budget is, they’ll have something that’s right for you. If you’re into high-end dining, they have about 23 Michelin-starred restaurants.


Who wouldn’t want to sample their deep-dish pizza and the hot dogs they are most famous for? These are the most budget-friendly ones. However, they also have something in the middle so you can enjoy a meal that’s worth a special occasion but wouldn’t cost you an arm and leg to pay for.

Make A Splash On The Beach

Beach lovers will find that the 26 miles of shoreline that Chicago has is more than enough to enjoy a day or two just basking in the sun. These are family-friendly beaches and some even allow you to bring your dog.

Aside from working on your tan, beachside restaurants are also plenty. You can also opt for a boating experience at Lake Michigan for more water activities.

Public Transport Is Great

Although Chicago is a huge city, getting from one place to another is made easy through their public transport system. Most people would love to stay at Michigan Avenue to have an awesome view of the river. However, grabbing a bus ride towards the Museum Campus is worth the travel.

You can also explore the other neighborhoods and find restaurants by taking the train. That connects you to Bucktown, Lincoln Park, Chinatown, and other neighborhoods throughout the city.

Lots Of Architecture Sites

Did you know that the first skyscraper was built here? Apart from that, there are lots of architectural sites you shouldn’t miss. You’ll get to see most of them if you take the 90-minute cruise. There’s also a water taxi you can ride to give you the same views for less.

Culture From Around The World

You don’t need to get out of the city to experience different cultures around the world. There are lots of neighborhoods you can check out. Take a sample of their cuisine or just purchase trinkets that symbolize their culture.

Traveling To Chicago

Currently, Chicago doesn’t have any travel restrictions so they are open to tourists. Domestic travels don’t require a negative COVID-test result. They will also not be required to undergo a quarantine period. However, they advise travelers to be fully vaccinated first before visiting the sites.

For international air passengers, a Covid-19 negative result will be required regardless of their vaccination status.

Masks aren’t required for fully vaccinated individuals. However, some establishments may still require them.

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