Enjoying Dunes In The US

enjoying a scenic sunset view of the dunes

There are lots of sand dunes located in the United States. Each has something unique to offer but they also have something in common. That common factor is that you can certainly have loads of fun in them.

Have you ever been to a dune? What activity did you enjoy most? There are different activities you can do there that will help you have fun and enjoy your stay.

There is certainly something for everyone whether you just want to appreciate the natural landscape through photography or go for thrilling adventures. Here’s a list of things you can do:

Dune Trekking

Trekking or hiking is a great way to enjoy dunes. There are different trails and paths you can pick to enjoy the dunes. As you give yourself a little bit of a walking exercise on the pristine sand, you also get to enjoy awesome views.

You can walk through the dunes for as little as 15 minutes or spend even more time reaching the top of the highest peaks there.

Sand Boarding

If you are feeling more adventurous, you could also go and rent out a board or bring your own board for some sandboarding. Sandboarding might be similar to snowboarding but there is still a difference between them. You can feel the difference once you’ve experienced both. One thing to note is that it could be more challenging to turn in the sand.

If you aren’t into sandboarding or if you have kids, then you could also use the sleds. That will help you enjoy the sand without feeling a bit too adventurous. The best thing for beginners to do is to select the shallow ones then work your way up.

Enjoy The Night Sky

Setting up camp and staying for the night is also possible at the dunes. You can enjoy different activities plus you can also appreciate the night sky. Just take note of the limit because there are some dunes that limit the number of people that could stay.

You can better enjoy the night sky at the dunes due to the presence of the stars. There isn’t too much light around, which makes it easier to see and appreciate the stars. This is especially true when the moon is not present.

Dune Photography

Lots of people go to dunes to take incredible photos of it. The ripples in the sand especially during sunset or sunrise are a great shot to capture.

Have Fun In The Water

There are dunes that are near lakes or beaches. You can certainly enjoy cooling off in the water and doing other water activities. Depending on which dune you go to, they may offer water activities like kayaking, boating,  or canoeing.

Fly A Kite

Some dunes are created due to the winds. That is why you see ripples on the sand even if the water is very far from it. You can definitely get nostalgic and enjoy flying a kite when it is a windy day.


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