Family Roadtrip Planning Recommendations

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Family road trips definitely make the top of the list when it comes to our country’s most remarkable traditions. Although family road trips come with their set of challenges and difficulties, they also represent a great way to reconnect and bond with one another. Road trip season is whenever you want it to be, so here’s our guide to planning a successful -and memorable family road trip!

Map It Out

The simple days of jumping in your vehicle on a whim and going on a spontaneous trip are far behind. Traveling with kids in tow requires that you plan your itinerary in advance and take everything into consideration – from stretch breaks and naps to nightly stops if you want to make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

Once you’ve agreed on a destination, sit down with your family and think about the best ways to get there. Do your research and come up with a list of attractions to see and places to visit while you’re there. This is the perfect time to invest in a travel guide or a good quality road atlas.

Roadside Assistance Planning

Trip don’t always go as planned, that’s why it’s smart to plan for the unexpected.

So when you’re on the road and away from familiar settings and support it’s a good idea to go a bit overboard to account for worst-case scenarios.

While it’s may not be the most enjoyable mental exercise, it is important that you carefully think through the most severe possible outcome that can reasonably be projected to occur while on the road or at your planned destination.  Scenarios could include loss of funds, accidents, or vehicle failures should be considered to adequately prepared for.

At the very least, a roadside assistance plan is recommended for your family should a roadside emergency happen.  If you don’t have a AAA membership or similar, make sure to have a reputable towing service or road assistance company programmed in your cell phone to be able to quickly call for aid.

Pack Smart

Thankfully, packing for your road trip isn’t as nerve-wracking as packing for air travel. With that said, it does require a level of strategic organization, especially when it comes to fitting everything inside the trunk.

A common rule of thumb is to have one suitcase for everyone. You also want to pack an overnight bag with the essentials so you don’t have to bring all of your luggage into the place you’re staying in each night.

Snacks Are A Must!

Nothing can slow down a road trip more than those dreadful multiple stops. Pre-portioned snacks can be a lifesaver and having everything prepped ahead can cut down on the need to make frequent stops as well as the high cost of buying food on the road. Instead, save yourself the headache and buy snacks in bulk then divide them into separate serving sizes.

Opt for healthy snacks like cereal bars, granola, dried fruit, nuts, pita chips, etc, and don’t forget refillable water bottles for everyone.

Fun Road Trip Activities

What better way to keep your kids unplugged but to go old school with activities like classic road trip games, family sing-alongs, and scavenger hunts? Tuck the electronics away and talk to each other, tell stories, listen to a fun upbeat playlist, look out the windows and take in the scenery.

Your road trip is bound to be more memorable than if everyone is focused on a screen the whole time.

15 Funniest Road Trip Games for Adults & Kids

Include Stretch Breaks

Before your trip, do a quick search and figure out the best rest stops or look into fast-food restaurants that have a playground along your route. Being cooped up in the car for hours at a time is no good. Getting some fresh air, stretching, or just moving around is a great way to combat restlessness and keep the peace among yourselves.

Squeeze some kitsch surprises in

No road trip is complete without those weird museums, odd attractions, and whimsical historic sites.

Your family will definitely delight in the roadside kitsch attractions you’ll encounter along the way. Squeezing some of these sites in is sure to be a hit and will make the ride a lot more exciting and adventurous.

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