Enjoy Authentic Cape Cod With These Hidden Gems

Cape Cod adventure

You may have been to Cape Cod multiple times because it is one of the most famous summer vacation spots. With all its beautiful beaches and scenic views. You might have thought you’ve seen it all, but you might be surprised to know that there are still some hidden gems you might have not been to or done yet.

If you are in for a different kind of adventure at Cape Cod, continue reading below for our reveal.

Sandy Neck Adventures

Whether you want to drive your off-road vehicle (make sure you have a permit), use a kayak on Barnsatable Harbor, or simply walk, Sandy neck is a great destination. It can give you value for your privacy, you’d be sure to find your own little special place in it. During the off-season, it may feel like a ghost town.

You’d see all the undisturbed sand dunes with wild cranberry bogs and pines. Plus, there are dune shacks, which makes this place more special. With it, you can escape the crowd and just be peaceful with the scenic views.

The Oyster Farms

Oysters and fresh seafood are delicious but have you ever seen an oyster farm? You can find them at the Bay, in the northern side of the Cape. During low tide, you’ll get to see thousands of oysters on the baskets. You can also get to walk on the plots of the oyster farmers as the tide recedes.

The low tide leaves a magnificent view of what is left on the sand. The sand ripples in itself are a great site. Plus you can also spot different creatures just crawling in the sand. The oyster farms are also an unforgettable sight to see. At low tides, people could walk for up to a quarter-mile and discover various things that the sea has left behind.

Hiking The Great Island

It may take hard work to go through the hiking trails and beaches of the Great Island but the view is worth all the hard work. The island provides easy access and even free parking. From there, you can now enjoy the great views. The hike will help you feel more connected with nature.

When you get hungry, there is a french bistro there that offers awesome sandwiches. A few hours is all you need to go exploring and you might come across some of the “secret spots” as well as a shipwreck during low tide.

Dune Shacks At Provincetown

Another great adventure at Cape Cod is simply to find the dune shacks. The dune shacks were built from the wreckage of ships so you can just imagine that each one could look absolutely unique from one another. Whether you explore the northern or southern direction of the coast, you’d definitely be able to find them.

Some dune shacks have occupants so please be respectful when taking pictures. They make interesting and spectacular photography subjects. It blasts you to simple living where there is no electricity nor running water.

Biking At Provincelands

For those who love riding their bicycle, the Provincelands Bike Trail is a great destination. It offers a unique biking experience as you go through different ecosystems throughout the trail. Just make sure to bike with caution and always wear a helmet. The views are always incredible and unforgettable. Also, don’t forget to bring your own snacks as this doesn’t offer any food service.

Lighthouse At Stage Harbor

In Chatam, the most visited lighthouse is the Chatam Lighthouse. However, most people don’t know that there is another lighthouse called the Stage Harbor Lighthouse. This one is found towards the south of the town. To get to it, you can hike for about 20 minutes. Don’t worry the hike isn’t that difficult but is over various areas of hard pack and loose sand.

When you get there, you’d be met by spectacular views over Chatham Stage Harbor and Nantucket Sound. With a little more effort, you wouldn’t expect lots of tourists in this area. It is a private lighthouse so just make sure you also respect their privacy and don’t cross the boundary. Most of the time it isn’t occupied.

The Cliff Pond At Nickerson State Park

If you are after clear water and a sandy shore, the Cliff pond at Nickerson State Park is for you. It can give you the feeling of serenity and you wouldn’t need to worry about creatures like alligators, snakes, or sharks that could eat or bite you. It’s a great way to relax privately without having to worry too much about your safety.

Crabbing Experience

Do you like blue crabs? How about catching them? There are plenty of them at Cape Cod and you can get to experience catching them on your own. You can use either a net or have a string with a bait. As you spend time in the water trying to catch your crabs, you can also enjoy the scenery or simply cool off and relax in the water. It can be very fulfilling to be able to catch your own dinner.

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