The Best National Parks in the USA

National Park

There are about 62 National Parks in the U.S. that have been managed by the National Park Service. Their form of management and service has been critical to the overall administration that these parks received. Thanks to their efforts, people from around the world can come forward and educate themselves about the many aspects that revolve around these parks. But in case you’re confused about choosing the best among a list of 62 names, we have got you covered. So go ahead and read all about the best National Parks in the USA.

1. Yellowstone

There’s more to Yellowstone apart from being the world’s first national park. The 2.2 million-acre park has natural and unique attractions that offer travellers with a diverse experience that cannot be received at other places. The many lakes, buffalo-filled valleys and mountains that lie within this park can enhance your experience and take things to a whole different level. Due to all that, Yellowstone grabs the first spot on our list. So leave everything aside and visit this divine place to formulate an escape with nature.


2. Yosemite

Yosemite is California’s most visited park that stands tall with its waterfalls and granite rock formations. While the Vernal Fall and Bridalveil clarify the park’s claim of waterfalls, Half Dome and El Capitan verify the claim towards granite rock formations. On the whole, Yosemite is a complete package and an essential destination for adventure seekers. The valley also provides an ample number of opportunities to avail a picturistic moment as it has everything that one needs in a picture.

3. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an 18-by-277-mile national park that was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. For travellers and other such individuals, the site offers a complete experience that involves hiking and other such activities. The trip to this national park should also be completed with a visit to the water of Havasu Falls as it stands to be beyond any form of description. So make the most of your trip by understanding the beauty that lies within the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

4. Glacier National Park

Any image that you find on the internet of Glacier National Park will not tell you all about the majestic beauty of the place. In order to understand that feeling, you need to be there in person and take note of two mountain ranges and numerous lakes across Montana. The hiking trails that the park provides is another beneficial aspect that all travellers need to utilise to the maximum extent. Apart from that, the scenic beauty that surrounds this place also encouraged UNESCO to declare it as a World Heritage Site.

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